The True Cost Of Beauty

Looking at the true cost of beauty in the UK online voucher code and money saving website looked at what the celebrity beauty gurus, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, spend on makeup and how long it takes them to do it. They also looked into the rise of Beauty Vloggers and what audience reach they have.

The beauty industry is big business, so My Voucher Codes also asked: “What is the true cost of beauty in the UK?” To find out how much people spend on products and treatments and if it is anything near their celebrity counterparts.

Check out the infographic for all the details.

Discussing the cost of the beauty industry in the UK, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes, Chris Reilly said:

“Celebrities have always been hugely influential, and thanks to the rise of social media celebs lives are shared with their fans in a way we have never before seen. Now many celebs have a huge following looking at their every beauty move, beauty vloggers have millions of views online and figures show that huge amounts of money is spent on beauty products and treatments in the UK. It’s safe to say that the true cost of beauty in the UK is well in the millions and that’s not including the time spent using the products but also following celebrities and vloggers tips.”

He added:

“The industry in the last few years has been fuelled by social media as we can see from our figures, not just from people wanting to look like their favourite celebrities, but also from people wanting to look ‘Instagram perfect’ in their selfies. The increase in sales and the rise in beauty boxes, shows the cost of beauty in the UK is high and potentially only going to increase.”

Ava Rose