Grooms Wedding Attire Trends Every Groom Needs To Know

It’s official, were full pelt into wedding season so what better time is there to check out the latest Grooms wedding attire trends hitting churches, registry offices and castles in the coming months.

The graphic below shows that you’re not restricted to the traditional morning suit any more. If you’re a Tuxedo kind of man then this is more than suitable and so is going totally off the suit look all together and putting on your braces and bow tie. Slightly more informal yes but in today’s age totally acceptable.

It will somewhat come down to the type of wedding you’re having as your attire should be fit for the day. If you’re having a formal wedding then you may want to be leaning towards a more formal suit. Where as if you’re wedding is slightly alternative for example in the middles of a field… a mismatched outfit might seem right for you.

Ava Rose

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