Computing In The Cloud

There is no questioning it, cloud computing has changed the way that businesses operate and grow. It is now much easier for employees within business to collaborate and it allows businesses to work remotely whenever they are away from the office.

This is all down to one piece of technology that has been adopted and used by both businesses and members of the public – cloud computing.

Although widely used, there are a lot of different cloud computing systems that make it highly adaptable and flexible to use. With that in mind, Net Technical Solutions produced this infographic to open up businesses to the different types of cloud computing systems.

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Computing In The Cloud

Created by NTSols

5 Ways Your Business Is Being Ripped Off

Few business owners are aware of just how badly they are getting ripped off in their day-to-day operations. This infographic was created specifically to help businesses recognize where they’re losing money, and how they can plug these holes to stay afloat and make bigger profits. This is mandatory reading for any business owner or manager, and it’s all presented in an easy-to-read infographic format!
Five Ways Your Business Is Being Ripped Off

Seven of the World’s Strangest Superstitions

Think your superstitions are crazy? Well take a look at 7 of the most wonderful and weird superstitions from around the world. From chewing gum turning into dead flesh after dark, to not going near water within 4 hours of eating – there’s a whole world of weird superstitions out there.

Whilst many of us have a few minor superstitions, like a lucky hat for instance, some of the superstitions in our infographic go a little further and affect peoples lives a little more. How do you live within ever going to the 4th floor of a building for instance?

Seven of the Worlds Strangest SuperstitionsSource: Bingo Find


Want to Get Hired? Avoid These Resume Pitfalls

A generic resume will get you nowhere in the job market. Your resume would probably just be skimmed over like the hundreds of other resumes on the recruiter’s desk, or the hiring manager wouldn’t take a second glance at it. So, your efforts to land a job would be cut short early on in the game. There are many ways for your resume to keep you on the list of applicants under consideration and attract more offers for an interview. For instance, if you customize your resume for the particular job that you’re applying for, this will make it easier for the manager to choose your resume over all the other resumes. In their eagerness to create a job-specific resume, some  applicants go overboard and write the funniest things. Almagreta Resume Templates compiled some of the amusing statements that these job applicants included on their resumes.

The Ultimate Parents’ Guide for Back to School

With school just around the corner, it’s always good to be prepared and help your child transition from summer vacation to regular school schedule. Make the transition as smooth as possible with this infographic from ezStorage.

If it’s your child’s first time ever attending school, you can help ease the change by adjusting your child’s bedtime two weeks before school starts and make sure that your child gets enough sleep before starting the day. You can also meet with the teacher to address any concerns you may have on your child’s first day of school.

Be sure to take a look at our list of helpful tips to help your child’s first day of school be a success.

Back to School Checklist

Consider self storage facilities from ezStorage

Is Your Business Prepared for Smart Credit Cards?

Smart cards are coming, and these micro chip-based credit cards promise to lower fraudulent transactions around the world. But they also mean businesses have to upgrade their terminals, and businesses that don’t could be hit wiht $50000 fines! This infographic will tell you everything you need to know about smart cards, and how to avoid the big fines.

Smart Credit Cards are Coming

Consumer Psychology & The E-Commerce Checkout

How much do design, site speed, and merchandise reviews affect e-commerce checkout behaviour? Even more than you might believe…

Regarding general design, some 93% of people say visuals are the most influential factor in the purchase decision, according to vouchercloud.

Additionally, shoppers assess a product within 90 seconds to decide whether to purchase it.

Site speed also plays a huge role. If a page takes three seconds to load, 57% of online consumers will abandon the site; of those visitors, 80% will never return

Product reviews, also, influence online shoppers. Some 85% of consumers read reviews that are online for local companies before making a purchase. According to VoucherCloud, “Of those, 79% trust the reviews as much as a personal recommendation”

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Multi Channel Ecommerce Solutions: Introduction, Advantages and Key Statistics

A multi channel ecommerce system has emerged as a bolt-on for businesses which are managing their online stores on independent platforms.

To increase your customer base and your revenues implementing a system which can save your time and integrate all the sales channels is wise step. Integration of all the retail channels offers you the freedom to manage all the stores from one common place. To target global set of customers, you have to choose the solutions which can provide you the latest functionalities.

This infographic, created by Syncline, provides a brief introduction and advantages of multi retail channel solution. Check out the statistics and learn more about the ecommerce trends.


The Benefits of Recycling Ink Cartridges

Everyone always urges you to recycle your ink cartridges, but do you know why? This infographic explains the benefits of recycling ink cartridges — both for you AND the environment.

Cartridges remanufactured Via

The Lowdown on Biscuits

We hope you like this biscuits infographic which has some very fascinating stats on nutrition and optimum dunk time for your favourite biscuits.

It also presents some interesting results about which drinks people prefer to have a biscuit with and some impressive stats on the two main biscuit corporations as well as the most common biscuit related injuries!

Surprising facts include the fact that biscuits might have been made since around 10,000 years ago in China!  Surprisingly, you’ll also find that those in the UK eat a lot of biscuits (which they appear to like with their cup of tea).

Best read whilst eating a biscuit… obviously!!