Work Compared Around The World

The way people and much we get paid around the world varies a great deal, and the below infographic by GoToMeeting highlights the differences between various countries. Some of the facts are pretty astonishing, such as the people of Germany work an average of 34.5 hours a week compared to South Africas 43.3 hours, that’s an extra 35.2 hours a month and an extra 422.4 hours a year!

Source: GoToMeeting



Technology That Becomes Defunct

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and with this comes waste from yesterday’s technology being thrown away. The folks over at My Voucher Codes have carried out research into some of the most popular tech we use, looking at how its changed and how much we actually waste, check it out below.

Source: My Voucher Codes



50 Annoying Work Phrases

If you work in an office then I’m sure there are lots of phrases that grate on you. Well, here are 50 of them put together by GoToMeeting. Take a look at the below graphic and see if the phrases you hate the most are featured! If not, leave a comment below and let us know what phrase you dislike the most.

Source: GoToMeeting

50 Annoying Phrases You Hear at Work_UK


So, What Are The Odds?

Author Ali Binazir has put together research looking at the odds of you, me, any of us being here today. It is interesting as you’ll find out that your life is dam worth celebrating!

Warning some of the numbers are pretty big!

Source: Visual.ly

What Are The Odds