This Diagram Will Change How You Look At Country Economies

Here is a data visualization of country economies based on GDP. The way the diagram displays the data is through a circle which is divided into countries and then each country is divided again into 3 sections showing the economy of the country for manufacturing, services and agriculture.

The US clearly has the largest economy which is followed by China. The US economy is powered by its service sector with agriculture being a very small portion. When compared with China who have a much more even split between services and manufacturing. Services clearly lead most countries economy but how the rest of the economy is split is interesting.

Source: howmuch.net



So, What Are The Odds?

Author Ali Binazir has put together research looking at the odds of you, me, any of us being here today. It is interesting as you’ll find out that your life is dam worth celebrating!

Warning some of the numbers are pretty big!

Source: Visual.ly

What Are The Odds


11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

Although you wouldn’t think so, there are actually around 6,500 languages in the world. The most popular is often thought to be English, but it is in fact, Chinese with around 1,197,000,000 speakers followed by Spanish with 414,000,000 and thirdly English with around 335,000,000 speakers.

With so many languages spoken it is inevitable that some of the words spoken aren’t translatable. This infographic below names 11 of these words and explains what the meaning behind the word is.

Source: Maptia

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures


Grooms Wedding Attire Trends Every Groom Needs To Know

It’s official, were full pelt into wedding season so what better time is there to check out the latest Grooms wedding attire trends hitting churches, registry offices and castles in the coming months.

The graphic below shows that you’re not restricted to the traditional morning suit any more. If you’re a Tuxedo kind of man then this is more than suitable and so is going totally off the suit look all together and putting on your braces and bow tie. Slightly more informal yes but in today’s age totally acceptable.

It will somewhat come down to the type of wedding you’re having as your attire should be fit for the day. If you’re having a formal wedding then you may want to be leaning towards a more formal suit. Where as if you’re wedding is slightly alternative for example in the middles of a field… a mismatched outfit might seem right for you.

Source: Fashion Beans

Grooms Wedding Attire Trends Every Groom Needs To Know


Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Did you know that about a third of cancer deaths can be prevented? This is why cancer awareness is so important. Each year, approximately 14 million people around the globe are diagnosed with cancer. Wheels For Wishes have compiled all current cancer awareness months and their appropriate ribbon colors into one easy-to-use chart. Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone at any time, and our infographic helps to spread awareness so that other people can be aware of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for cancer. Nearly every month out of the year is dedicated to spreading awareness about a different type of cancer, which is why they have put together this great infographic to help you remember when each cancer awareness month is honored, as well as the appropriate ribbon color and design for each type of cancer. Awareness saves lives!

Source: Wheels For Wishes



Evolution Of Mobile Phones

It’s safe to say, mobile phones are a standard in everyone’s life nowadays. But hardly anyone remembers where it all began. Let’s have a look: after Marty Cooper made the first mobile phone call in 1973, much has changed in the world of mobile phones. Not only has their design developed but also their functionality and endurance. Nokia dominated the commercial mobile market until the iPhone made an entry in 2007 and smartphones started to take over the industry. The question is: what will be next? Take a look at the evolution of mobiles and make some predictions on what to expect in the future in the below graphic.

Source: Indro Mukerjee

Evolution of Mobiles


Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans

It’s safe to say all over the world we use plastic for pretty much everything, from plastic chairs to plastic bags. The issue with plastic is it take so long to biodegrade, anywhere from 500 years up to 1000 years.

Inevitably a lot of this plastic finds its way into our oceans causing havoc. It is estimated around 100,000 marine creatures die every directly because of plastic waste in our oceans. This can happen because of digestion of plastic or getting tangled up in plastic objects such as can holders.

Some things are being done to fight this such as the increased use in bioplastics and countries charging for plastic bags in order to encourage people not to be wasteful and reuse old ones.

Still, it is evident there is a big problem that at this time is only likely to get worse.

Source: CustomMade

Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans


Find Out Who The Biggest Killers Are In Marvel

It’s safe to say there are some pretty kick ass killers created by Marvel, but just who has killed the most? Well luckily for you someone has done the research for you! Coming up top is Wolverine with a kill count of 46, in second place we have Deadpool with 36 and in third we have Punisher with 34. Even so at Graphics Mayhem are favourite Marvel character is still Thor!

Source: MorphSuits



How Long Does Wine Last Once Open?

If you’re a wine drinker then this infographic will come in very handy (unless you’re the type of person to always make sure you finish a bottle off!). If you’re a sparkling wine drinker you can expect it to last 1-3 days if kept in the fridge with a wine stopper. Light white and rose wine drinkers can expect it to last 5-7 days in the fridge with a wine stopper. Pretty good! For full bodied white and red wine drinkers you’ll have to drink up within 3-5 days. With red wine, it should be kept in a cool dark place and the cork placed back in the bottle. If your tipple is fortified wine then you can expect it to last up to 28 days because of the increased alcohol levels. Remember to print the below graphic off and hang it in your kitchen for reference!

Source: Wine Folly



Discover Morning Routines of 10 of the World’s Richest Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what the morning routines are of the world’s riches entrepreneurs? Well now you can find out in the infographic below featuring big players such as Mark Zuckeberg and Simon Cowell. Something that seems to be a common trend in the routines are wake up early, 5AM – 6AM and before doing work, do some exercise. That be a jog or even a swim in the ocean like Richard Brandon (if only!).

Source: Dreams

The Morning Rituals of 10 of the World's Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs